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Services Offered

Human Resource Consultancy Training Course

You will learn the basic principles and practical techniques for human resources consulting and getting started in a career as a professional human resources consultant. You will learn what a human resources consultant does, how to develop your skills to succeed in a human resources consulting career, how to get hired for a job as a human resources professional, and how to start your own human resources consulting business and get clients. This will also give you savings instead of hiring a highly compensated HR Director, you can outsource you HR needs and use a HR consultant on an as-needed basis. This particular beneficial if you do not have a HR department. HR resources  consulting can be engaged on an hourly ad-hoc basis, or hired on a contract basis to fill interim HR management positions. Either arrangement will benefit your business based simply on the level of expertise the consultant brings to your business. This will ensure effective recruitment, comprehensive performance management, tailored training solutions and fresh set of eyes.

Mobile App Development

You will learn how to build a workable App from scratch with no/little programming  knowledge demonstrate the process of publishing it and learn to make a mobile app for themselves or for your clients. Having this knowledge will build a better relationship between your business and clients, build loyalty, reinforce your brand, increase visibility, increase your accessibility, solve the problem of getting stuck in spam folders, increase sell-through, increase exposure across mobile devices, connect you to on-the-go consumer and generate repeat business.

These are all achievable if you have this knowledge for your company, because all of your clients will have an easy access to your inventory, will be notified on all special events or promos, gives them one touch access to your contact information, directions to your location from wherever they are and having fast and seamless appointment scheduling.

2p Sales CRM

Having this training will give you knowledge on how to better setup your customer list, manage campaign for your company and most important thing is to track your progress results. Also by having this kind of training you will learn how to setup and automate social content discovery, content posting , manage campaigns and track results. Having this knowledge will surely increase your company's opportunity to have more marketing with less effort through sending individual emails to the clients and getting an organiser for design of a newsletter, having a better design of news letter following up with your client will be easy as this newsletter will give them update about your company. This will fall to having a better productivity and sales by being able to identify potential customer.