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Company profile

What makes us different?

2p Hr Consultancy is a well established, leading provider of professional recruitment, executive search and human capital management solutions on behalf of world's top organization, we thrives on working with companies who are passionate about realizing the best in their people today  and tomorrow whether it's a complete transformation of your HR practices or a specific area which needs addressing immediately.

Our Vision

To excel on our chosen path of endeavour of clients, candidates and staff. This will be achieved by recruiting the loyal staff and individuals.

Fast team work

Agility requires us to rev up the frequency of our communication, collaboration and coordination as a team.  As the world continues to rev up, we must rev up with it, to handle the dynamic complexity coming at us thicker and faster.  Strangely, in my experience, when things get busier, the stakes get higher and the crises threaten to wash over us, many CEOs, executives and managers let their communication, collaboration and coordination as a team decelerate, not accelerate.  Meetings get cancelled, become more ad-hoc and go more open loop, because, "we don't have time".  Wrong answer! When crisis increases, it's time for crisis management to increase!

Dead line assistant

Does manually calculating court deadlines from multiple sources have you worried you might miss one? Deadline Assistant calculates deadlines for your matters based on applicable federal, state, and local court rules – then adds the information directly to your Deadline Assistant calendar and calendar view.